Sun Screening

Sun Screening

Sun Screening

Sun Screening

Shades Of The Future supplies finished sun screen products to fit your application. Call us to discuss your project requirements.

This photo is a solar fabric in roman shade format on sloped glazing. The material is Sheerweave in 5% openness. It may be fabricated into a roman shade or as a roller shade with a beaded chain control loop. If the shade is too large for manual operation, motorization will handle the raising and lowering.

This project is in Portland, Oregon, at the Wells Fargo Bank tower, formerly First Interstate Bank. There are 60 of these shades, which are 65″ wide x 221″ long. They are operated by the building’s automation system. This is a large commercial project, but we can handle the simplest manual shade for a residence.

The fabric shown is medium gray. The darker the fabric, the better will be the through view from the interior. Lighter fabrics will create more glare and reduce the view to the outside.

There are many fabric colors to choose from as well as densities of weave. The tighter the weave (as tight as 1%-3%) the more sun block will be achieved. More open fabrics (up to 30% openness) the more view is afforded to the exterior. Openness sacrifices sun block. We recommend 5% openness factor to control glare.

We now offer a sun screen fabric that permits view through it, but looks like upholstery fabric. It is very attractive!

Lake Grove Presbyterian Church project:

We completed a solar shading project at Lake Grove Presbyterian Church in Lake Oswego, Oregon. The congregation had just finished a major remodel of their church, including installation of a beautiful organ with 1500 pipes. One window, about 26 feet off the floor, is just behind the organ pipes. This window is hexagonal, about 11 feet wide and high. On occassion they needed solar shading for this window. The unusual requirement was that the shade needed to be motorized and lift from the bottom upward.

The finished solar shade is 108″ wide and 94″ high, roman shade style, with 3% openness in black. It was designed specifically for this application. It folds into its own box at the bottom of the window and is not visible to the congregation when lowered.

Shades Of The Future® was selected for this project because if its experience with lift systems like this and its ability to delivery totally unique products that solve individual problems. All of the strict size restrictions were met and the product works beautifully.

We can supply the Sheerweave sun screen roller shades, that meets the interior specifications for Subway Submarine sandwich shops.

If you are looking for manual or automated skylight shades, we have them! They may be fabricated from sun screen material, as described above, Duette, one of the pleated shade materials, or black out products.

Our newest product for skylight shading is manual or automated, battery operated with remote control, is SkyLift™, by Hunter Douglas. Room darkening or light transmitting cellular skylight shade fabric are your options.

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Solar shades being installed in Portland Pearl Loft 26 feet off floor Solar shades being installed