Wood Shutters

Wood Shutters

Wood Shutters

Example of the kind of project Kirtz® can deliver

Example of the kind of project Kirtz® can deliver

Real wood, Plantation Shutters are one of the most desirable window treatments available. Their timeless beauty is at home in any style of house, from traditional to contemporary. Wood shutters are available in most any shape or size or finish including custom matching. We do quite a few projects matching existing stain or painted finishes. Louvers may be ordered in 1 7/8″, 2 1/2″, 3 1/2″, 4 1/2″ or 5 1/2″ widths. Traditional size of 1 1/4″ louvers are also available.

For top of the line shutters look for real wood. Vinyl shutters are easily detected and detract from the prestige of owning a shutter. Real wood offers complete flexibility in finishes and sizes, relatively light weight and are easy on the environment. Alder and Basswood, both lightweight hardwoods, are the materials of choice.

You may have heard that wood products are subject to warping in a bathroom or kitchen environment. That is certainly possible, but our experience over many years has shown that warpage is rare. All wood products need to be kept dry, so don’t wipe them off with a wet cloth or spray them with water. Wood is a natural product subject to slight warpage, which is an attribute of any wood product and natural variations contribute to its beauty.

Wood shutters are virtually trouble free. Any adequately ventilated area will allow you to choose shutters without worry.

Precision shutter installation requires the services of a master finish carpenter. This is not a do it yourself installation. Our installation service is available in the Portland, Oregon area. Quality installation takes time and special tools. We can often find quality installers in other locations for our customers and ship the materials to you. Professional measuring and installation is a must for every shutter project.

Our Plantation Shutters are a work of art – more like furniture than a window treatment. Prices vary widely depending on your requirements, but generally are about $48-$65 per square foot, plus installation. Our prime vendor for wood plantation shutters is Woodfold, of Forest Grove, Oregon. WoodFold is a world-class manufacturer of shutters and other fine wood products. They ship all over the world and we are fortunate to have this company right in our area. We pick-up the shutters right from their dock to eliminate the chance of freight damage and it cuts delivery time to just 2-3 weeks, or less, for Woodfold shutters.

Our latest addition to our wood shutter line is Hunter Douglas’ Heritance shutters. These are manufactured in the United States, conform to USA EPA standards for environmental safety, so we will now offer them. They have significantly expaned their line for paints and stains and offer custom match. With these additions, we will now offer this product to our customers. Heritance vane sizes are 2 1/2″, 3 1/2″ and 4 1/2″ and take about 6 weeks for delivery.

Woodfold shutters with custom matched stain

Woodfold shutters with custom matched stain

Kirtz® Shutters is also in our wood shutter line. Their standard material is Maple. This is an exquisite line for the discriminating shopper. Kirtz® offers a unique feature for operating arched shutter vanes. Kirtz® bends a tilt rod and applies it to the back of the arch. Very nice!

Kirtz® offers shutters in exotic woods. Just ask and we will provide a quote for your special project.

Real wood Plantation Shutters Key Benefits

  • Timeless, beautiful, prestigious window treatment
  • Good insulator and excellent controlling light
  • Stains and paint finishes, custom color matches available
  • Flexible designs – available in 5 vane sizes
  • Framed or unframed – May be installed inside or outside of the window casing depending on depth available

Plantation Shutters: (plus installation & freight)

  • 2 1/2″, 3 1/2″ or 4 1/2″ louvers, Painted shutter, stock color, Up to 48″ wide x 60″ high, 2 panels – $1,040
  • 1 7/8″, and 5 1/2″ louver – add 5%
  • Stain finish – add 15%
  • Specialty shapes, exotic wood, trim – (quote)
This shutter is framed with the owner's tile. Truly special and one of a kind

This shutter is framed with the owner’s tile. Truly special and one of a kind

Faux Man-Made shutters:

After years of searching the market place for a quality man-made shutter, we are pleased to offer you San Benito’s faux shutter product. San Benito’s Davenport shutters are painted, which sets them apart from faux shutters that have the extrusion pull lines from the mold. Painted faux shutters have a great “wood look”. San Benito will also do custom paint match. This line is about 10% less than wood. Faux shutters weight more than wood and you have to take this into consideration in the design.

French Door applications


This application shows shutters on French Doors. They are hinged to clean the windows. French Door, stained finish
In the same Pacific Ocean front house, these shutters are painted to match the home’s trim. Shutters on French Doors, painted finishShutters on French Doors, painted finish
Shutter shown open with 2 1/2″ vanes Shutter French door open
Same shutter closed Shutter French door closed


This shutter is a slider over a patio door with a custom arch shutter over top, which was built from our paper template. Shutter, slider with arch on top
These plantation shutters are at Seaside, Oregon. Shutters in a living room, Seaside Oregon