Metal Blinds



Blinds are usually window coverings that have a horizontal slat. On the other hand, a shade is usually continuous material from top to bottom of the window. Horizontal blinds are typically wood, metal or faux wood slats that can lift to clear the window or can be tilted to control heat, light and any glare. Tilting is also where you get privacy, of course.

Hunter Douglas Wood Blinds

Hunter Douglas Wood Blinds

Are all blinds the same no matter what brand you buy? No, there’s a big difference and you do get what you pay for.

Let me explain:

In aluminum slat blinds the most common size is 1″ vane. There are also 1/2″ and 2″ slats. The thickness of the slat is very important and is known as the gauge of the slat. What you will mostly see are 6 gauge slats. And this is why you often see bent slats. A cat can bend a 6 gauge slat and the blind is now ruined. The 6 gauge slat is too thin.

Shades Of The Future® will only specify 8 gauge slats, which are 30% thicker and much more durable.

Have you ever heard of spring tempered and heat treated metal slats for blinds? This is standard for Hunter Douglas and that special heat treating makes the slats spring back instead of bending.

The Hunter Douglas aluminum Decor® and Lightlines® blinds offer unexpected extras like DustShield™ finish to inhibit dust build-up, and concealed mountings.

What about coverage of the slats? What’s that? It is the amount of overlap from slat to slat. The higher quality (and price) of the metal blind, the more overlap and number of slats per vertical inch you will have. That means more privacy and light control.

Are there any other important factors in metal blinds? Yes! These can be heavy blinds, especially in wider widths. The bottom rail carries a lot of weight and it needs to be distributed to all the vertical string ladders that lift the blinds. So the bottom rail needs to be strong and straight, not bowed. Most metal blind bottom rails are just a C shaped curtain rod with a slat dropped on top for a dust cover. How strong is that? Not!

The Hunter Douglas bottom rail is a lock-seamed “beam” that is very strong, straight and durable. So Hunter Douglas can make very wide metal blinds that will last. We recently installed some metal blinds that are 10 feet wide and very tall.

At the top you will find the stylish beveled headrail and valance all-in-one. It houses the lift and tilt mechanism and is deep and strong. It’s color matched to the slat color, with no loose vane slats or valance clips to get lost or broken. Some mini blinds don’t even come with a valance, just a bare headrail.

Wood versus Faux Wood:

Again, you get what you pay for and not all wood or faux wood blinds are the same from vendor to vendor. For quality and durability Shades Of The Future specifies Hunter Douglas.

Wood blinds…Hunter Douglas sorts out the poor quality material, which ensures a quality blind to you. Look for multi-step superior finishes for durability and beauty. Choose handcrafted hardwood blinds. That’s all we offer!

Faux Wood blinds…Hunter Douglas’ Everwood Distinctions™ 2″ blinds provide a natural, wood-like appearance, featuring TruGrain® finishes for vibrant, rich, realistic grain patterns and natural effects themes.

The slat material consists of a polymer composite blend (like Trek® wood decking), that contains proprietary materials, but no wood or vinyl. Other brands have faux blinds that are inherently weak horizontally and warp in heat. To prevent this you will see the supporting cloth ladders spaced very close together, which is unsightly. Shades Of The Future doesn’t sell blinds like that and that’s why we only specify the Distinctions™ line of faux blinds.

The standard headrail system on Hunter Douglas 2″ (or wider) blinds is their proprietary EPIC® operating system. The EPIC® system ensures years of trouble-free use.

Modern Precious Metals ® Aluminum Blinds

Modern Precious Metals® Aluminum Blinds

Modern Precious Metals Aluminum Blinds

Modern Precious Metals Aluminum Blinds

Under the Precious Metals category you will find Hunter Douglas’ aluminum blind lines: LightLines®, Decor® , Celebrity®, and the newest product called Reveal™ with MagnaView™.

Hunter Douglas’ metal blind offering has been enhanced wtih Natural Elements™. These are trendy slat finishes in 1″ and 2″ vanes. We have the full collection to view.

Shades Of The Future® recommends this line because of value, beauty and selection, updated with new features, colors and textures. Horizontal aluminum metal blinds are hard to beat when it comes to price, sun control and privacy. Available in 1/2″, 1″ (most popular by far) and 2″ vanes, Hunter Douglas again leads the pack in beauty and ease of operation in this category.

The Precious Metals line includes a color matched valance integrated into the headrail, instead of two loose slats held by plastic clips. It is very attractive as well as practical.

The most popular product in metal blinds is Hunter Douglas’ 1″ LightLines® mini blinds. The vanes are made of spring tempered and heat treated 8 gauge aluminum for maximum spring-back durability in harsh environments. Delight style with no visible route cord holes is standard.

Decor® is the mid-priced line with 8 gauge vane stock, visible route holes, more slats per inch, increasing your value, and a large selection of colors to choose from.

Celebrity’s 6 gauge slats will be the least-cost choice for your window.

While other brands may be lower in priced than Precious Metals, this line will outlast cheaper products and be a pleasure to operate with its superior lift and tilt mechanisms. You will appreciate the 30% heavier vane stock on 8 gauge vane lines and lock seam bottom rail that won’t sag on the widest of windows.

LightLines® Metal Blinds Key Benefits:

  • Spring tempered, heat treated 8 gauge vanes
  • No visible route holes when closed – no dots of light showing!
  • Integrated stylish valance
  • Hidden support brackets have been redesigned for easier use
  • Smooth operators
  • Hundreds of finish choices

New! Reveal™ with MagnaView™ Key Benefits:

  • Spring tempered, heat treated 8 gauge vanes
  • Double the view when tilted open (every other slat “sticks” to the one above it when tilted open, doubling your open view space)
  • Available in 1″ and 2″ slats
  • Integrated stylish valance