Home Theater

Home Theater Shades

Home Theater Shades

For a board room, school or church sanctuary…..

Home Theater with blackout cellular shades

Home Theater with blackout cellular shades

For residential clients looking for blackout shading for a home theater….

Shades Of The Future is a specialist in media room shading.

A few considerations:

  • If the window treatment is to be automated, plan ahead for wiring, when possible to reduce the electrician’s cost.
  • Decide how dark you need the room. Absolute darkness can be achieved, but usually requires side tracked blackout roller shades.
  • Think twice about a skylights and windows in a media room. Absolute light stopping is virtually impossible on skylights.
  • Theater shading is not inexpensive. Motorization typically adds $700 per opening. Remote controls and integrated control systems are all available. Just be sure you have a realistic budget first.

Home Theater Shades… Key Benefits:

  • Theater shading adds that extra “wow” factor to your media room.
  • Properly controlled light is essential to achieve the maximum from your projection equipment.
  • Theater shading fabrics may be coordinated with other furnishings.


Shades Of The Future® is the preferred shading supplier for many of the best home theater specialists in the Portland area.

Consulting with theater vendor

As part of your media room shading contract Shades Of The Future® will coordinate with your media vendor to make sure all equipment is compatible.

Consulting with electrician

Due to code requirements, all wiring is done by your licensed electrician and Shades Of The Future® will work closely with the electrician to make sure the wiring is in place for the shades to operate as you specify.

Consulting with your Interior Designer

If you have an Interior Designer on your project we will work closely to ensure the look is perfect. Many products may be constructed with customer’s own material (COM) as specified by the Interior Designer.

We are available to travel to your project.