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Hunter Douglas Duette SkyLift™ skylight shade

Hunter Douglas Duette & Applause SkyLift™ skylight shade


The lastest addition to our skylight shade line is Hunter Douglas’ Duette & Applause SkyLift™ skylight shade. This skylight shade is available in both Duette and Applause cellular fabrics. Operation is either motorized, or manual- with an extension pole or hand crank, if the shade is within your reach.

Skylift Skylight Shade

This product requires the measurement and installation by experienced professionals! Let us do this for you. We guarantee the fit and finish.

The motorized version is operated by batteries or plug in DC power supply. SkyLift™ motorized can be operated by the PowerRise® 2.1 with Platinum™ technology, which uses a hand held remote, wall switch or the Platinum APP, which is Apple® based.

The Skylift™ skylight shade has side tracks and top and bottom rails and gasketed all around to conform to variations of the installation location. The location has to have 90 degree corners (no sloped walls at the installation point). The action of the shade is controlled by a type of gear driven tape track.

The minimum width is 12″ for manual and 17″ for motorized. Minumum height is 12″. The maximum size is 96″ x 120″, but the maximum area is determined by each particular fabric and also what operating system is desired. Skylift™ is compatible with some 3/8″ cellular fabrics and all 3/4″ fabrics, but not the larger cell fabrics. Let us help you with these decisions. The main point is, that this shade can cover some very large skylights!

Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades

Our project featured in Hunter Douglas brochures

The cellular honeycomb category of window coverings was invented by Hunter Douglas in 1985. The first product was called Duette®. Hunter Douglas is the industry innovator, has the best product, is the most durable and offers a superior warranty.

Hunter Douglas has just released an entirely new sample book for Duette. Call today to see it in your home!

Duette Architella®, a cellular construction that is a cell within a cell, is exclusive to Hunter Douglas and offers the highest energy efficiency.


By clicking the link below you will go to Hunter Douglas’ site to view informational videos.

This link takes you to videos covering: Cellular cordlock, Applause® SimpleLift™, UltraGlide, EasyRise, Vertiglide™, Duette® Architella® energy efficient shades, Silhouette® shadings, SkyLift™ skylight shades:



Duette has added or enhanced 6 Architella® fabric lines:


  • New Trielle™ Elan with IllumiCell inner cell is the 1 1/2″ cellular shade for top energy efficiency .
  • Batiste now comes in a Semi-Sheer with IllumiCell™ inner cell inside.
  • Elan® (top seller) is now available in 48 colors.
  • Brand new Renewal™ is the “greenest” fabric which contains more than 25% recycled PET content, in 8 colors.
  • Opalessence™ now comes in Architella® construction.
  • India Silk is a new Architella® fabric with a tinted IllumiCell inner cell

Additional hardware colors are now available for the Vertiglide™ hardware system as well as an enhanced valance.

Duettes have been recommended by Shades Of The Future® since their introduction in 1985.

Hunter Douglas also offers a value price point line called Applause®. It is one of our best sellers. The warranty is the same. The updated hardware on Duette has rounded corners and a trim appearance.

Applause offers a scaled down line in comparison to the massive fabric and hardware options available in Duette. But Applause has great offerings at a value price with the Hunter Douglas brand.

The Hunter Douglas cellular line may be ultrasonically cleaned or immersed in a tub, except for the black out fabrics, which may only be vacuumed. Seldom is more than vacuuming necessary. The polyester fabric naturally repels dust.

Duette and Applause cellular make a very high performance skylight shade called Symplicity. For larger skylights up to 80 square feet, you can now cover them with SkyLift™ skylight shade. This four sided, framed system includes gaskets to seal edge light gaps. Operation is manual or even battery operated motorized!

Duette® Key Benefits:

  • Huge selection of fabrics – completely resampled with beautiful fabrics and hardware!
  • Architella® cellular construction (cell within a cell) offers the highest energy efficiency.
  • New! SkyLift™ skylight shade system for really large skylights, manual or motorized, battery operated, or plug in.

Applause® Cellular Key Benefits:

  • A new cordless lift system called SimpleLift™ eliminates lift cords and is a free upgrade!
  • Now available with PowerRise battery lift system.
  • Lower price point than Duette
  • Hunter Douglas brand name

Skylight Shading

Skylight Window Shades

Castec roman shade. 5% open medium gray Sheerweave Basketweave 400.

Castec roman shade. 5% open medium gray Sheerweave Basketweave 400.

Shades Of The Future now offers a new product for skylight shading: an automated, battery operated, remote controlled shade, fabricated by Hunter Douglas. The name is Skylift™. It comes manual or motorized by batteries.

And remember, you save on the electrician because no wiring is needed. Room darkening or light transmitting, cellular skylight shade fabric, is now available. It can be made in large sizes.

The photo to the right is a Castec roman shade on sloped glazing. The material is Sheerweave sun screening. It may be fabricated into a roman shade or as a roller shade with a beaded chain control loop. If the shade is too large for manual operation, motorization will handle the raising and lowering. This project is in Portland, Oregon, at the Wells Fargo Bank tower, formerly First Interstate Bank. There are 60 of these shades, which are 65″ wide x 221″ long. They are operated by the building’s automation system. This is a large commercial project, but we can handle the simplest manual shade for a residence.

The fabric shown in the top photo is medium gray. The darker the fabric, the better will be the through view from the interior. Lighter fabrics will create more glare and reduce the view to the outside.

There are many fabric colors to choose from as well as densities of weave. The tighter the weave (as tight as 3%) the more sun block will be achieved. More open fabrics (up to 30% openness) the more view is afforded to the exterior. Openness sacrifices sun block. We can supply the Sheerweave sun screen roller shades, that meets the interior specifications for Subway Submarine sandwich shops. Shades Of The Future supplies finished sun screen products to fit your application. Call us to discuss your project requirements.

If you are looking for manual or automated skylight shades, we have them! They may be fabricated from sun screen material, as described above, or in Duette or Applause, the pleated shade cellular materials, black out or light transmitting.

Skylight shade, motorized, shown partial blackout and sheer mode.These shades are in Portland, Oregon Skylight shade, motorized, sheer/blackout
Skylight shade, motorized, all sheer mode Skylight shade, motorized, sheer mode
Skylight shade, motorized, all blackout mode Skylight shade, motorized, blackout mode