Solera® Soft Shades

Solera® Soft Shades

Solera combines a soft sculptured look with a unique cellular construction and provides a drama and sophistication at the window as well as bringing a new aesthetic to the marketplace.

The concise fabric collection, available in both light filtering and room darkening, creates a balance between fresh neutrals and inspired hues. Solera Soft Shades feature proven lifting systems with internal lift cords for enhanced child safety and a clean appearance from outside the home.

Solera Soft Shades in bedroom

Solera Soft Shades in bedroom

Fabric Collection

  • Five fabric styles and 31 colorways.
  • Every style is available in light filtering and room darkening.
  • Color inside the cell creates a rich look with added dimension.
  • Street side of the product is off-white for exterior uniformity.
  • Fabric wrapped headrail and bottom rail is standard!

Lifting Systems and Hardware (first 3 control options are no-charge upgrades!)

  • LiteRise® – Cordless operation offers enhanced child and pet safety.
  • UltraGlide® – Single retractable cord stays a constant length and offers enhanced safety.
  • EasyRise® – Continuous cord loop system.
  • Optional: PowerRise® 2.1 with Platinum® Technology – Remote control motorized operation for unmatched convenience. Can also be operated with your “i” device.

All four systems feature internal lift cords, color coordinated components and a fabric wrapped bottom rail that blends with the soft cells of the shade for a streamlined look.

Light Transmitting fabric

Light Transmitting fabric

 Solera Room Darkening fabric

Solera Room Darkening fabric

Hunter Douglas Duette SkyLift™ skylight shade

Hunter Douglas Duette & Applause SkyLift™ skylight shade


The lastest addition to our skylight shade line is Hunter Douglas’ Duette & Applause SkyLift™ skylight shade. This skylight shade is available in both Duette and Applause cellular fabrics. Operation is either motorized, or manual- with an extension pole or hand crank, if the shade is within your reach.

Skylift Skylight Shade

This product requires the measurement and installation by experienced professionals! Let us do this for you. We guarantee the fit and finish.

The motorized version is operated by batteries or plug in DC power supply. SkyLift™ motorized can be operated by the PowerRise® 2.1 with Platinum™ technology, which uses a hand held remote, wall switch or the Platinum APP, which is Apple® based.

The Skylift™ skylight shade has side tracks and top and bottom rails and gasketed all around to conform to variations of the installation location. The location has to have 90 degree corners (no sloped walls at the installation point). The action of the shade is controlled by a type of gear driven tape track.

The minimum width is 12″ for manual and 17″ for motorized. Minumum height is 12″. The maximum size is 96″ x 120″, but the maximum area is determined by each particular fabric and also what operating system is desired. Skylift™ is compatible with some 3/8″ cellular fabrics and all 3/4″ fabrics, but not the larger cell fabrics. Let us help you with these decisions. The main point is, that this shade can cover some very large skylights!



Blinds are usually window coverings that have a horizontal slat. On the other hand, a shade is usually continuous material from top to bottom of the window. Horizontal blinds are typically wood, metal or faux wood slats that can lift to clear the window or can be tilted to control heat, light and any glare. Tilting is also where you get privacy, of course.

Hunter Douglas Wood Blinds

Hunter Douglas Wood Blinds

Are all blinds the same no matter what brand you buy? No, there’s a big difference and you do get what you pay for.

Let me explain:

In aluminum slat blinds the most common size is 1″ vane. There are also 1/2″ and 2″ slats. The thickness of the slat is very important and is known as the gauge of the slat. What you will mostly see are 6 gauge slats. And this is why you often see bent slats. A cat can bend a 6 gauge slat and the blind is now ruined. The 6 gauge slat is too thin.

Shades Of The Future® will only specify 8 gauge slats, which are 30% thicker and much more durable.

Have you ever heard of spring tempered and heat treated metal slats for blinds? This is standard for Hunter Douglas and that special heat treating makes the slats spring back instead of bending.

The Hunter Douglas aluminum Decor® and Lightlines® blinds offer unexpected extras like DustShield™ finish to inhibit dust build-up, and concealed mountings.

What about coverage of the slats? What’s that? It is the amount of overlap from slat to slat. The higher quality (and price) of the metal blind, the more overlap and number of slats per vertical inch you will have. That means more privacy and light control.

Are there any other important factors in metal blinds? Yes! These can be heavy blinds, especially in wider widths. The bottom rail carries a lot of weight and it needs to be distributed to all the vertical string ladders that lift the blinds. So the bottom rail needs to be strong and straight, not bowed. Most metal blind bottom rails are just a C shaped curtain rod with a slat dropped on top for a dust cover. How strong is that? Not!

The Hunter Douglas bottom rail is a lock-seamed “beam” that is very strong, straight and durable. So Hunter Douglas can make very wide metal blinds that will last. We recently installed some metal blinds that are 10 feet wide and very tall.

At the top you will find the stylish beveled headrail and valance all-in-one. It houses the lift and tilt mechanism and is deep and strong. It’s color matched to the slat color, with no loose vane slats or valance clips to get lost or broken. Some mini blinds don’t even come with a valance, just a bare headrail.

Wood versus Faux Wood:

Again, you get what you pay for and not all wood or faux wood blinds are the same from vendor to vendor. For quality and durability Shades Of The Future specifies Hunter Douglas.

Wood blinds…Hunter Douglas sorts out the poor quality material, which ensures a quality blind to you. Look for multi-step superior finishes for durability and beauty. Choose handcrafted hardwood blinds. That’s all we offer!

Faux Wood blinds…Hunter Douglas’ Everwood Distinctions™ 2″ blinds provide a natural, wood-like appearance, featuring TruGrain® finishes for vibrant, rich, realistic grain patterns and natural effects themes.

The slat material consists of a polymer composite blend (like Trek® wood decking), that contains proprietary materials, but no wood or vinyl. Other brands have faux blinds that are inherently weak horizontally and warp in heat. To prevent this you will see the supporting cloth ladders spaced very close together, which is unsightly. Shades Of The Future doesn’t sell blinds like that and that’s why we only specify the Distinctions™ line of faux blinds.

The standard headrail system on Hunter Douglas 2″ (or wider) blinds is their proprietary EPIC® operating system. The EPIC® system ensures years of trouble-free use.



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Shades Of The Future® attends the national window coverings trade shows to seek out the best products. We research the market place and do our homework. The goal is to offer products that have a high value to quality ratio. We are not trying to be the cheapest or most expensive, but offer products with excellent performance at affordable prices. If we can’t stand behind the product and put our name on it, we won’t offer it for sale.

You are probably an expert in your field and expect your suppliers to know their business and be experts as well. We consider it our duty to know the industry and recommend quality products that won’t be a disappointment in later years. Window coverings are a significant investment and the goal is that your expectations be exceeded and that your selections last a long time.

For blinds, shades and other core products in the “hard treatments” category, the industry leader is Hunter Douglas Window Fashions. They are the innovators. They spend millions per year on R&D and focus groups. Other manufacturers copy and build knock-off look-alikes. There is a difference and we offer top quality products for your project.

Because of the superior quality and industry leadership of Hunter Douglas, Shades Of The Future® has been offering its products since 1979. When it comes to window coverings we offer Hunter Douglas exclusively.

For interior plantation window shutters, our research shows real hardwood shutters are still the best choice. Our preferred vendor is Woodfold/Marco.

Primarily for areas of high humidity or moisture you may prefer a faux wood shutter. There is a small saving for faux over wood, about 15%. But you choose a faux shutter more for the application than savings. For faux shutters our preferred vendor is San Benito. Their Davenport line is PAINTED and most faux shutters are the color of the plastic from the extruder. Hope you like white and off-white! Also, if unpainted, you see the pull lines of the material as it left the extruder. We offer a large number of stock paints and also custom color for these faux shutters. We think shutters should feel solid, not hollow, and not look like plastic. That’s why when it comes to faux shutters we only offer San Benito’s Davenport line.

For roman shades, manually operated or motorized, our preferred vendor is: Castec Window Shading.

Terms: Our terms are standard for custom materials: 1/2 down and balance on delivery. For out of town projects, final payment is required before shipment. Freight will be included in the price quoted.

We accept checks, VISA, MasterCard and Discover. The minimum amount per charge card transaction is $500 or 100% of your purchase, whichever is lower. Shades Of The Future® is bonded for $15,000.

Warranty: Manufacturer’s warranties apply to the products. Most Hunter Douglas products offer a lifetime limited warranty for as long as you own the product. If you are in the local service area, we will come to the site to service this warranty free of charge for the first year (trip is billable thereafter). Carry in service offered free after the first year to fulfill the manufacturer’s warranty. You will find that service pretty unusual. Motorized equipment is warranted for 1 year.

The lifetime limited warranty means the components are replaced if they fail. The shade and blind cords are not guaranteed to last forever. Just like tires on your car, cords will eventually need to be replaced. Most cords on blinds last 10 years or more with new Ultra cord from Hunter Douglas. Today you can have a standard Duette or blind restrung for about $55.

If you have a premature cord failure you can expect it to be taken care of. But if your kitty decides to use the cords for dental floss…that’s another story!

Out of town customers will be responsible for freight to our office on warranty repairs, but we pay the return freight.

Vignette® Modern Folding Shades

Vignette® Modern Folding Shades

Roman shades provide a soft elegant look to any room. The look is timeless and rich. The picture on this page shows the Hunter Douglas Vignette®. While a traditional roman gathers in soft folds below the window header, Vignette rolls into its headrail/valance system. Several stylish fabrics and fold sizes are available.

Four new fabrics and refreshed colors are now offered throughout the entire Vignette product line in a all new sample book.

New operating systems:

> Tiered top-Down/Bottom-Up with Ultraglide®

> Tiered PowerRise® 2.1 with Platinum™ Technology (battery lift system), and remote control

Hunter Douglas has now extended the Vignette offering to allow Vignette to be operated by the Vertiglide™ hardware, which means Vignette will be oriented vertically – perfect for sliding door applications. Also available in ripplefold on decorative traversing hardware.

New to the Vignette line is Top Down/Bottom up, for those applications where you need low privacy and want to enjoy your view.

Folds: Vignette has offered their traditional 4″ contoured fold and now available is 6″ Tailored flat fold.

Vignette is now available in Evescape room darkening in all fabrics, colors and fold types. (Except Evescape is not available in top down/bottom up.)

Vignette window coverings, by Hunter Douglas, are only available in our local service area.

Sun Screening

Sun Screening

Sun Screening

Sun Screening

Shades Of The Future supplies finished sun screen products to fit your application. Call us to discuss your project requirements.

This photo is a solar fabric in roman shade format on sloped glazing. The material is Sheerweave in 5% openness. It may be fabricated into a roman shade or as a roller shade with a beaded chain control loop. If the shade is too large for manual operation, motorization will handle the raising and lowering.

This project is in Portland, Oregon, at the Wells Fargo Bank tower, formerly First Interstate Bank. There are 60 of these shades, which are 65″ wide x 221″ long. They are operated by the building’s automation system. This is a large commercial project, but we can handle the simplest manual shade for a residence.

The fabric shown is medium gray. The darker the fabric, the better will be the through view from the interior. Lighter fabrics will create more glare and reduce the view to the outside.

There are many fabric colors to choose from as well as densities of weave. The tighter the weave (as tight as 1%-3%) the more sun block will be achieved. More open fabrics (up to 30% openness) the more view is afforded to the exterior. Openness sacrifices sun block. We recommend 5% openness factor to control glare.

We now offer a sun screen fabric that permits view through it, but looks like upholstery fabric. It is very attractive!

Lake Grove Presbyterian Church project:

We completed a solar shading project at Lake Grove Presbyterian Church in Lake Oswego, Oregon. The congregation had just finished a major remodel of their church, including installation of a beautiful organ with 1500 pipes. One window, about 26 feet off the floor, is just behind the organ pipes. This window is hexagonal, about 11 feet wide and high. On occassion they needed solar shading for this window. The unusual requirement was that the shade needed to be motorized and lift from the bottom upward.

The finished solar shade is 108″ wide and 94″ high, roman shade style, with 3% openness in black. It was designed specifically for this application. It folds into its own box at the bottom of the window and is not visible to the congregation when lowered.

Shades Of The Future® was selected for this project because if its experience with lift systems like this and its ability to delivery totally unique products that solve individual problems. All of the strict size restrictions were met and the product works beautifully.

We can supply the Sheerweave sun screen roller shades, that meets the interior specifications for Subway Submarine sandwich shops.

If you are looking for manual or automated skylight shades, we have them! They may be fabricated from sun screen material, as described above, Duette, one of the pleated shade materials, or black out products.

Our newest product for skylight shading is manual or automated, battery operated with remote control, is SkyLift™, by Hunter Douglas. Room darkening or light transmitting cellular skylight shade fabric are your options.

Solar shades Solar shade
Solar shades being installed in Portland Pearl Loft 26 feet off floor Solar shades being installed

Horizontal Wood and Faux Wood Blinds

Horizontal Wood and Faux Wood Blinds

Hunter Douglas Products:

Wood Blinds

Wood Blinds

Our primary vendor for wood blinds is Hunter Douglas. They have a very expansive wood blind offering at attractive prices. Their line is called Parkland™ wood blinds. (Formerly Country Woods).

Shades Of The Future® has searched the marketplace for wood blinds that offer the best price/value. Our recommendation is Hunter Douglas for wood blinds.

Reliable, consistent quality is the prime reason for this recommendation.

Slat sizes include 1 3/8″, 2″ and 2 1/2″ slats. There is even a 3 1/2″ wooden vertical product called Crosswinds.

2 1/2″ slats come flat, or beveled in the Reflections® collection.

Hunter Douglas now offers TopShield II™ finishing process to further protect Parkland real wood blinds. This includes further resistance to: fading, moisture, scratches and chemicals.

Wood Blind Key Benefits:

  • Real wood product, natural appearance
  • 1 3/8″ slats are perfect for doors
  • LiteRise® cordless lift system available for 2″ and 2 1/2″ slat blinds
  • Free upgrade option to de-Light (no route holes)
  • Cloth tape option
  • Lighter weight than vinyl products
  • Fewer vertical ladders to interrupt your view than other window covering products
  • Up to 8′ as a single width
  • Moderately priced, US made
  • High quality operating system
  • Many choices of paint and stain finished
  • Stained finishes are beautiful

Everwood® Faux wood blinds (Our best selling horizontal slat blind):

For a man-made alternative to wood blinds we recommend Hunter Douglas’ premium faux wood blind: Everwood. Our research and experience with this product shows that Everwood will perform in harsh, high humidity environments and where moisture may be splashed on the slats.

The extruded slat is a polymer composite blind that contains proprietary materials, but no wood or vinyl. Everwood’s horizontal stability far outshines the competition and doesn’t require closely spaced vertical ladder cords for support.

Everwood is now available in 11 white and off-white finishes with 11 TruGrain® stains. The de-Light™ feature is NOW available on 2″ and 2 1/2″ Everwood as a NO Charge option. The Everwood line is also available in a 2 1/2″ beveled edge slat.

The standard valance is now 3 1/4″ Grandover. Wide array of cloth tape upgrades are available.

The Everwood collection now includes TruGrain™, Hunter Douglas’ faux wood grain slat. Before TruGrain™, if you wanted a slat that looked like real wood, you only had real wood to choose. Now TruGrain™ slats are available and they look just like real, stained wood. Hunter Douglas has developed a process that applies a grain print to the slat that is indistinguishable from the real thing. The TruGrain® stains are fantasic and will fool anyone. It looks just like wood, but water won’t harm them.

The TruGrain® line has been expanded and now offers slats that look like grass weaves, textured wood and leather. A truely unique line exclusive to Hunter Douglas.

Hunter Douglas now offers battery operated, remote control tilt on virtually ALL of their horizontal blind products.

Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades

Our project featured in Hunter Douglas brochures

The cellular honeycomb category of window coverings was invented by Hunter Douglas in 1985. The first product was called Duette®. Hunter Douglas is the industry innovator, has the best product, is the most durable and offers a superior warranty.

Hunter Douglas has just released an entirely new sample book for Duette. Call today to see it in your home!

Duette Architella®, a cellular construction that is a cell within a cell, is exclusive to Hunter Douglas and offers the highest energy efficiency.


By clicking the link below you will go to Hunter Douglas’ site to view informational videos.

This link takes you to videos covering: Cellular cordlock, Applause® SimpleLift™, UltraGlide, EasyRise, Vertiglide™, Duette® Architella® energy efficient shades, Silhouette® shadings, SkyLift™ skylight shades:


Duette has added or enhanced 6 Architella® fabric lines:


  • New Trielle™ Elan with IllumiCell inner cell is the 1 1/2″ cellular shade for top energy efficiency .
  • Batiste now comes in a Semi-Sheer with IllumiCell™ inner cell inside.
  • Elan® (top seller) is now available in 48 colors.
  • Brand new Renewal™ is the “greenest” fabric which contains more than 25% recycled PET content, in 8 colors.
  • Opalessence™ now comes in Architella® construction.
  • India Silk is a new Architella® fabric with a tinted IllumiCell inner cell

Additional hardware colors are now available for the Vertiglide™ hardware system as well as an enhanced valance.

Duettes have been recommended by Shades Of The Future® since their introduction in 1985.

Hunter Douglas also offers a value price point line called Applause®. It is one of our best sellers. The warranty is the same. The updated hardware on Duette has rounded corners and a trim appearance.

Applause offers a scaled down line in comparison to the massive fabric and hardware options available in Duette. But Applause has great offerings at a value price with the Hunter Douglas brand.

The Hunter Douglas cellular line may be ultrasonically cleaned or immersed in a tub, except for the black out fabrics, which may only be vacuumed. Seldom is more than vacuuming necessary. The polyester fabric naturally repels dust.

Duette and Applause cellular make a very high performance skylight shade called Symplicity. For larger skylights up to 80 square feet, you can now cover them with SkyLift™ skylight shade. This four sided, framed system includes gaskets to seal edge light gaps. Operation is manual or even battery operated motorized!

Duette® Key Benefits:

  • Huge selection of fabrics – completely resampled with beautiful fabrics and hardware!
  • Architella® cellular construction (cell within a cell) offers the highest energy efficiency.
  • New! SkyLift™ skylight shade system for really large skylights, manual or motorized, battery operated, or plug in.

Applause® Cellular Key Benefits:

  • A new cordless lift system called SimpleLift™ eliminates lift cords and is a free upgrade!
  • Now available with PowerRise battery lift system.
  • Lower price point than Duette
  • Hunter Douglas brand name

Home Theater Shades

Home Theater Shades

For a board room, school or church sanctuary…..

Home Theater with blackout cellular shades

Home Theater with blackout cellular shades

For residential clients looking for blackout shading for a home theater….

Shades Of The Future is a specialist in media room shading.

A few considerations:

  • If the window treatment is to be automated, plan ahead for wiring, when possible to reduce the electrician’s cost.
  • Decide how dark you need the room. Absolute darkness can be achieved, but usually requires side tracked blackout roller shades.
  • Think twice about a skylights and windows in a media room. Absolute light stopping is virtually impossible on skylights.
  • Theater shading is not inexpensive. Motorization typically adds $700 per opening. Remote controls and integrated control systems are all available. Just be sure you have a realistic budget first.

Home Theater Shades… Key Benefits:

  • Theater shading adds that extra “wow” factor to your media room.
  • Properly controlled light is essential to achieve the maximum from your projection equipment.
  • Theater shading fabrics may be coordinated with other furnishings.


Shades Of The Future® is the preferred shading supplier for many of the best home theater specialists in the Portland area.

Consulting with theater vendor

As part of your media room shading contract Shades Of The Future® will coordinate with your media vendor to make sure all equipment is compatible.

Consulting with electrician

Due to code requirements, all wiring is done by your licensed electrician and Shades Of The Future® will work closely with the electrician to make sure the wiring is in place for the shades to operate as you specify.

Consulting with your Interior Designer

If you have an Interior Designer on your project we will work closely to ensure the look is perfect. Many products may be constructed with customer’s own material (COM) as specified by the Interior Designer.

We are available to travel to your project.

Modern Precious Metals ® Aluminum Blinds

Modern Precious Metals® Aluminum Blinds

Modern Precious Metals Aluminum Blinds

Modern Precious Metals Aluminum Blinds

Under the Precious Metals category you will find Hunter Douglas’ aluminum blind lines: LightLines®, Decor® , Celebrity®, and the newest product called Reveal™ with MagnaView™.

Hunter Douglas’ metal blind offering has been enhanced wtih Natural Elements™. These are trendy slat finishes in 1″ and 2″ vanes. We have the full collection to view.

Shades Of The Future® recommends this line because of value, beauty and selection, updated with new features, colors and textures. Horizontal aluminum metal blinds are hard to beat when it comes to price, sun control and privacy. Available in 1/2″, 1″ (most popular by far) and 2″ vanes, Hunter Douglas again leads the pack in beauty and ease of operation in this category.

The Precious Metals line includes a color matched valance integrated into the headrail, instead of two loose slats held by plastic clips. It is very attractive as well as practical.

The most popular product in metal blinds is Hunter Douglas’ 1″ LightLines® mini blinds. The vanes are made of spring tempered and heat treated 8 gauge aluminum for maximum spring-back durability in harsh environments. Delight style with no visible route cord holes is standard.

Decor® is the mid-priced line with 8 gauge vane stock, visible route holes, more slats per inch, increasing your value, and a large selection of colors to choose from.

Celebrity’s 6 gauge slats will be the least-cost choice for your window.

While other brands may be lower in priced than Precious Metals, this line will outlast cheaper products and be a pleasure to operate with its superior lift and tilt mechanisms. You will appreciate the 30% heavier vane stock on 8 gauge vane lines and lock seam bottom rail that won’t sag on the widest of windows.

LightLines® Metal Blinds Key Benefits:

  • Spring tempered, heat treated 8 gauge vanes
  • No visible route holes when closed – no dots of light showing!
  • Integrated stylish valance
  • Hidden support brackets have been redesigned for easier use
  • Smooth operators
  • Hundreds of finish choices

New! Reveal™ with MagnaView™ Key Benefits:

  • Spring tempered, heat treated 8 gauge vanes
  • Double the view when tilted open (every other slat “sticks” to the one above it when tilted open, doubling your open view space)
  • Available in 1″ and 2″ slats
  • Integrated stylish valance