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Please take a look at the most recent developments in our window coverings.

Provenance® Woven Wood shades

Hunter Douglas leads the window coverings industry in woven shades with their Provenance® woven shade line. With over 300 timeless fabrics to choose from, these soft Roman shades are custom-designed and crafted with Hunter Douglas quality and innovation.

The Hunter Douglas line has expanded again! A new bark pattern – Rustica, has been added to the line. A new design option is now available: A hobble style of Roman with gentle folds even when fully lowered. The hobbled roman is not available in Safari fabric.

Provenance® now offers attached linings, (in Chocolate, Cocoa, and Ivory), instead of independently operated linings behind the decorative shade. Provenance® Woven Wood shades is a line of textured woven woods, bamboo and delightful materials creating a natural and unique look at a price never available. These shades are roman style – soft fold. Now available up to 144″ wide. And clutch lift systems are now offered – a big plus. This product is now on display in our showroom.

Reveal™ with MagnaView™ Metal blinds

Hunter Douglas’ new 1″ and 2″ slat Reveal™ metal blinds is a whole new product that affords twice the view to the outside, when tilted open. Here’s how it works: When you tilt a Reveal™ metal blind open, every other slat “sticks” to the one above it creating double the open view area. On 1″ blinds instead of a 1″ open view, you now see a 2″ open view and on a 2″ blind the view is doubled to a 4″ open view. When you tilt the blind closed the slats settle to their closed position. This product has visible route holes (no delight or motorization is available.) I have a hand sample to demonstrate this clever shade in your home.

On May 3, 2011, Hunter Douglas has added Natural Elements™ 2″ slat update to the line.

This trendy new line includes metalic, matte and Riverstone™ finishes, perfect for lofts and introduces a collection of earthy metal blinds that combines metal with wood valances, bottom rails and tilt wands.

Product line Enhancements/Changes

  • Silhouette® Window Shadings now offers Grandiose™, featuring longer drops on select 3″ vane size fabrics using the larger Quartette® 4″ headrail.
  • Duette and Applause shades with UltraGlide®, LiteRise® or EasyRise™ lifting systems now come with EasyAdjust™ leveling system. Just turn a special key that is provided to level the rail. No more pockets and ferrules on these lifing systems.
  • Duette® Architella® (has a cell within a cell) now available in Trielle™ the newest revolution in window fashions. The 1 1/2″ pleat Architella construction creates the most energy-efficient Hunter Douglas window covering with six insulating layers.
  • Other new Architella fabrics: India Silk, a luxuriously woven fabric features a subtle texture paired with a slight shimmer; Renewal™, the newest “green” addition to the Architella line, which combines textured beauty with recycled materials.
  • Duette SkyLift™ is a new skylight shade that will cover the large skylights up to 80 square feet. Comes manual or battery powered motorized. Four sided frame with gasketed sides to cover edge gaps.
  • For all Hunter Douglas cellular lines, Duolite™ now available with EasyRise™ lift system, or the cordless LiteRise® lifting system, instead of just cord lock lifts.
  • Applause cellular is now available with PowerRise 2.1, 18 volt Platinum Techology lift system.
  • The Duolite and top down/bottom up cellular shades can now be motorized with PowerRise to control both bottom and middle operating rails.
  • Hunter Douglas’ metal blind offering has been enhanced with Natural Elements™. These are trendy slat finishes in 1″ and 2″ vanes. We have the full collection to view.
  • Hunter Douglas now offers battery operated, remote controlled tilt, called PowerTilt™ on their entire horizontal metal, wood and faux wood collection including Country Woods, Everwood lines. (Motorization is not available on Reveal™ with MagnaView™ metal blinds.) This motorized tilt feature is available on blinds up to about 50 square feet.
  • Everwood faux blinds: Tru-Grain by Hunter Douglas is a process they have developed that is a man-made, simulated, wood grain that appears almost exactly like nature’s own wood. Available in Everwood horizontal blinds and Cross Winds Vertical lines.
  • Hunter Douglas is now building Duette and Applause cellular shades with Ultrawear™ Cord. The average cycle life of standard cord is 3,134 cycles. Ultrawear cord has an average life of 47,583 cycles! The most common time for customers to request a restring of their shades was 7 years. The new cord should make shade restringing a thing of the past. This is an exclusive, money-saving innovation from Hunter Douglas.

Pirouette® Window Shadings

Pirouette® window shadings are the newest Hunter Douglas product addition. This product is a hybrid of Vignette roman shades and Silhouette. Pirouette is a roman shade that rolls up in its own header like a Vignette, but the privacy vanes can be lifted to provide view outside. All controlled with a single loop lift system. Beautiful product!


UPDATED fabric offerings:

> Angelica – tinted sheers on both the front and back for saturated color and sheer elegance.

> Shantung – the look and feelof raw silk.

>Satin metallic – sleek and subtle, with a silver, gold or copper overlay for an unexpected shimmer.

>Bamboo Flax – contrasting yarns exude natural simplicity.

>Cotton – highly textured fabric made from up to 80% recycled yarns.

Hunter Douglas has now added their battery operated PowerRise 2.1 option to Pirouette. Now a remote control can operate this great new window covering.

See these fantastic Hunter Douglas VIDEOS to reveal the full product before your eyes:

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