Top: Pointing at sea shell, 22 million years old and still a shell.Center: Two shell impressions, called Concretions, in 22 million year old Astoria Formation. White sea shells have already eroded.Bottom: Astoria Formation exposed on the beach. Tilted by tectonic action over the millennia.


Our company philosophy is that a portion of one’s time should be given to the community and your industry. We should be replenishing what we consume and there are many worthwhile projects that need our help.

We are big on recycling and spend time sorting the packaging after a project to recycle the cardboard, paper and other materials. Plastic bubble packing and plastic sheeting can’t be recycled at this time (August ’13), but we do take the clean bubble packing to Habitat for Humanity ReStore, in Beaverton, Oregon, for them to sell as a product in their store. Visit

Serenity Homes of Oregon

In March of 2008 we were contacted by Serenity Homes of Oregon to supply window coverings for one of their residences in Portland. They provide sober living homes for men transitioning back to the community.

With additional support from Hunter Douglas contributing an extra 20% discount to this project, we were able to furnish and install seven, large, 1″ Decor metal blinds to the house at a very low price. Now they have modern and practical window coverings for this house.

Since completing that first project for them, we have worked on the window coverings for two more of their Serenity homes.

Serenity Homes of Oregon is a non-profit 501c organization and you may want to help them in their community service work. They rely 100% on community support to fulfill their mission.

Their web site is: Serenity Homes of Oregon

Other Community Service

From 1999 to April, 2001, the company owner was a volunteer “Coast Watcher”, keeping an eye on mile 235 of the Oregon coast. This area is on the central Oregon beach at a small community called Lincoln Beach. Our Coast Watcher work included the protection of ancient forest materials (1900 years old) and Astoria Formation (22 million years old). These formations and tree stumps are occasionally exposed on the beach in several locations.

On the left are three photos of some of the formations I’ve discovered on the Oregon coast. These formations are in the surf line of the Pacific Ocean, and are seldom exposed to sea or air. This year all of these formations are again covered by sand demonstrating just how unusual these formations are. Click the photo to enlarge it.

Other areas of service include being a job coach for someone that needs help in the work place. The company owner also serves on various boards and is a contributor to industry publications.

We want to encourage everyone to look for opportunities to serve your community and industry.