Shades Of The Future® specializes in motorized blinds and shades. Motorized roller and roman shades are perfect for convenience as well as supremely practical for large, heavy shades. We have lots of experience with these products and you will be amazed at the possibilities and convenience. These precision, Somfy, 110 volt motors are built right into the roller tube.

The latest thing now is that Hunter Douglas’ PowerView battery operated shades are so powerful, most shade needs can be done with batteries now, eliminating the need for an electrician and 110 volts.

We just installed several large shades measuring 120 x 76 and 81 x 103, all running on an 18 volt battery system.

Examining photos on this page and others on our Photos/Design page shows we are capable and experienced in a wide variety of jobs, most very unique. If you are looking for a vendor for motorization just contact us. We travel. See our Travel Policy.

These photos are motorized skylight shades in Portland, Oregon. This customer wanted blackout and sheer in one treatment.

We just finished installing a motorized, top/down, roman, solar shade system for Lake Oswego Presbyterian Church. See the write up on our Sun Screening page.

We will help you work out what product will meet your needs. We will put together a bid for your consideration. After a contract is in place we will design the wiring layout and work with your electrician. We will also work out the installation process.

PRICING: Battery systems are much lower cost. But to add motorization to a roller or roman shade will run about $520 for a unit run by a wall switch. Radio remote controlled systems, Somfy Altus system, which include the radio receiver built into the roller tube motor are about $731 per shade. The advantage of this system is that the motor simply plugs into the wall without having to run a special wire to a wall switch. We can help guide you through all the many possibilities.

New! PowerView™ Motorized Shades

Here’s the Hunter Douglas motorization overview VIDEO:

Hunter Douglas has just released PowerView™ motorization to its line-up. This replaces all prior motorized systems. PowerView has new motors, remotes and repeaters that you can’t mix with the PowerRise system. Everything is new. Now more powerful in all aspects.

We have a portable demo system we can bring to you and show you how it will work.

Motorized Window Coverings

Motorized Window Coverings

The video below talks about the technology behind motorized window coverings.

Skylight Shading

Skylight Window Shades

Castec roman shade. 5% open medium gray Sheerweave Basketweave 400.

Castec roman shade. 5% open medium gray Sheerweave Basketweave 400.

Shades Of The Future now offers a new product for skylight shading: an automated, battery operated, remote controlled shade, fabricated by Hunter Douglas. The name is Skylift™. It comes manual or motorized by batteries.

And remember, you save on the electrician because no wiring is needed. Room darkening or light transmitting, cellular skylight shade fabric, is now available. It can be made in large sizes.

The photo to the right is a Castec roman shade on sloped glazing. The material is Sheerweave sun screening. It may be fabricated into a roman shade or as a roller shade with a beaded chain control loop. If the shade is too large for manual operation, motorization will handle the raising and lowering. This project is in Portland, Oregon, at the Wells Fargo Bank tower, formerly First Interstate Bank. There are 60 of these shades, which are 65″ wide x 221″ long. They are operated by the building’s automation system. This is a large commercial project, but we can handle the simplest manual shade for a residence.

The fabric shown in the top photo is medium gray. The darker the fabric, the better will be the through view from the interior. Lighter fabrics will create more glare and reduce the view to the outside.

There are many fabric colors to choose from as well as densities of weave. The tighter the weave (as tight as 3%) the more sun block will be achieved. More open fabrics (up to 30% openness) the more view is afforded to the exterior. Openness sacrifices sun block. We can supply the Sheerweave sun screen roller shades, that meets the interior specifications for Subway Submarine sandwich shops. Shades Of The Future supplies finished sun screen products to fit your application. Call us to discuss your project requirements.

If you are looking for manual or automated skylight shades, we have them! They may be fabricated from sun screen material, as described above, or in Duette or Applause, the pleated shade cellular materials, black out or light transmitting.

Skylight shade, motorized, shown partial blackout and sheer mode.These shades are in Portland, Oregon Skylight shade, motorized, sheer/blackout
Skylight shade, motorized, all sheer mode Skylight shade, motorized, sheer mode
Skylight shade, motorized, all blackout mode Skylight shade, motorized, blackout mode