Skyline™ Gliding Panels

Skyline™ Gliding Panels

Skyline™ Gliding Panels

From contemporary to traditional, Skyline™ Gliding Window Panels set a new standard in modern window fashions matching today’s urban design influence.

We have now added sliding panels to our line. Hunter Douglas’ line has solved many of the limitations we’ve seen in other systems. The key question has always been: “Where will the panels stack?” There never seemed to be wall space for the stack.

Hunter Douglas’ system has the panels “nesting” into the one ahead of it when slid to the stacking side. (Can be stack left, right or split stack.) This nesting means more view to the outside. By using a nesting system the track has only 2 slots in it and other systems use many slots for their panels, making the track several times deeper than Hunter Douglas’. The deeper the track, the more window depth is needed for mounting.

Hunter Douglas has also developed a solution for the bottom of the panels to keep them aligned. The interlocking bottom weight provides stability and keeps the panels from curling.

The panel widths are standardized, based on window width, at either 11 1/2″ or 17″ wide. This provides uniformity in the room.

Skyline™ Gliding Window Panels Key Benefits:

  • Extremely attractive solution to window walls
  • Choose split or one way draw
  • Privacy panels, sheer or light transmitting fabrics to choose from
  • Two panel widths: 11 1/2″ and 17″
  • Panels nest into each other to maximize outdoor view
  • Interlocking bottom weight for stability
  • Five style categories: screens, sheers, semi-opaque, opaque, and naturals and woven grass with varying levels of privacy and light control
  • Choose controls: Continuous beaded chain or traveling wand
  • Choose left or right panel orientation. Light gaps occur naturally between the panel overlap. Choose your direction for the light to be.